Deregulation Is an Effective Pandemic Defense

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Over at RealClearMarkets, Iain Murray and I outline the major points of CEI’s just-released #NeverNeeded paper, which identifies regulations harmful to the coronavirus response:

During a pandemic, regulations should not get between sick people and health care, or between hungry people and food. This also applies in normal times. …

As Congress gears up for a Phase 4 stimulus, it is crucial that regulatory reform be part of the package. The top two priorities now are keeping people safe and minimizing economic damage, in that order. Regulatory sludge, as legal scholar Cass Sunstein calls it, is harming both objectives.

Read the whole thing here. The #NeverNeeded paper is here. CEI’s #NeverNeeded wesbsite is here. And you can contribute your ideas to the #NeverNeeded hashtag on Twitter.