Dirty Speculation

Today’s Washington Post runs a story about the services provided by high-priced call girls. According to the story, high class prostitutes provide “a pledge of ironclad silence, and the promise of an unusually attractive, intelligent companion — albeit one who measures companionship by the hour.”
This confirms everything I’ve heard about high class hookers working in D.C. and other similarly medium-sized markets. (Before joining CEI, I worked mostly on police issues both as a think tank fellow and as a private sector consultant.)
But I tend to think that Spitzer and the, ummm, provider that he worked with provided something different altogether: pretty, smart, discrete girls willing to indulge very offbeat sexual fantasies. The Post’s own reporting turns up the fact that the top “professionals” in the D.C. area charge maybe $300 to $500 an hour. At the Bunny Ranch–the setting of HBO’s series “Cat House”–prices seem to be in about the same range. So, my bet is that “unsafe things” Spitzer allegedly asked for were the real reason for the high prices.