Divinity School Liberals Are Insufferable

The Religious Left seeks to impose its authoritarian social agenda through lawsuits and other means.  They love speech codes, despite the fact that they are often utterly uncivil.  The most sanctimonious and insufferable people I have ever met in my life were students and faculty at Harvard Divinity School, whom I had the misfortune of meeting during my studies at Harvard Law School.

One divinity professor at Harvard, a devotee of feminist theological studies, was fond of saying in and out of class that the proper role of men in religion should be to “shut up for a milennium,” to offset milennia of “patriarchal” religion.

The pompous left-wing clergy and theology professors who participate in the Newsweek/Washington Post forum “On Faith” share a similarly intolerant ideological bent, although they insult not only men, but also women, claiming that conservative women like Alaska Governor Sarah Palin are guilty of “hypocrisy” simply for considering themselves to be “women,” when their politics are not liberal.  (Ironically, at Harvard, the most liberal female students didn’t claim to be “women,” but rather “womyn” or “wimyn,” erroneously viewing the word “women” as being of patriarchal origin).

Harvard Divinity School students made my classmates at Harvard Law School, themselves a fractious and often dogmatically left-wing lot, look like a model of open-mindedness and civility by comparison.  Apparently, things aren’t much better at the University of Chicago, home to wackos like Wendy Doniger.

I’ve often taken positions that are at odds with the Religious Right.  But compared to the Religious Left, the Religious Right is tolerant, easy-going, and sensible.