Don’t Take Away My Bottled Water!

Environmental activists want to regulate bottled water out of existence because they say that it is a waste of resources because the alternatives–such as filtered tap water placed in refillable containers–are just as good. What they don’t consider is where people will be forced to fill those refillable bottles when they are in public places. Most of us don’t tote around Britta filters, so when in public places, we are left to consider drinking from a public faucet, like a water fountain and public bathroom tap. No thanks! Even a child can tell you that those places are full of unappetizing germs. One 13 year old conducted a study last year when his school stopped allowing bottled water. He found that the water fountains provided water that was more germ ridden than the school’s toilet water! But that’s not all, those refillable containers can easily become germ incubators too!