Drug Maker Faces Lawsuit by Corrupt, Kooky Foreign Government

Pfizer is seeking the dismissal of a $2 billion lawsuit by the Nigerian state of Kano. Pfizer’s purported offense was to give children an experimental drug during a 1996 meningitis epidemic.

Kano State claims to be suing out of concern for children’s health. As I have previously noted, this is a deeply ironic posture for Kano to take, since it is responsible for reviving the terrible disease of polio by thwarting polio vaccinations of children. As a result, polio, which was once on the verge of being wiped out throughout the world, spread from Kano State into neighboring countries in Africa, reaching as far as the Middle East.

Kano State has also permitted Muslim mobs to murder many Christians, including Christian children, in vicious racial and religious riots that involved burning some victims alive. Its state government is pervaded by corruption.