‘Eco-fashion’ — for a zillion bucks?

Guess what? Now you can run out and buy some eco-friendly fashion. Today’s DC Examiner explains how some designers are trying to make clothes in a way that minimizes the “carbon footprint” of the garment making process. American Apparel, for example, plans to start selling shirts spun with California-grown cotton and stitched locally. That’s nice. Wonder how much those shirts will cost? Article doesn’t say. Seems to me that would be an important bit of information for most consumers. Who wants to spend a zillion bucks on a white t-shirt from American Apparel instead of the cheaper one from Wal Mart? Yeah, some people may go for that, but the rest of us will head to Wal Mart. Also, the design house of Rag & Bone is marketing a “carbon-free” t-shirt. Again, no price is mentioned. My take on this: yet another trend for the rich-and-guilty to embrace.