Election rhetoric: “My opponents are witches, prostitutes and charlatans”

Candidates running for POTUS shouldn’t whine about being attacked by their opponents. Things look pretty mild in the good ole USA, especially compared with campaign rhetoric in Zimbabwe.

BBC News reports that Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe has launched his reelection campaign by calling his opponents “witches, prostitutes and charlatans,” as well as “traitors and two-headed creatures.” Here’s his full quote:

Let the people’s voice thunder across the whole country on 29 March, rejecting and damning once and for all the bootlicking British stooges, the traitors and sell-outs, the political witches and political prostitutes, political charlatans and the two-headed political creatures.

Mugabe is running on his record for helping the people of Zimbabwe. Under Mugabe’s leadership, the annual inflation rate has exceeded 100,000%. And the World Bank says Zimbabwe had the fastest shrinking economy of any country outside a war zone.

Now that’s a record to run on.