Electric Vehicle Tax Credits Not Popular with Americans: Poll


recent survey conducted for the American Energy Alliance clearly shows that the public does not support congressional efforts to extend or expand federal tax credits for purchasers of electric vehicles. Current subsidies of up to $7500 are available only for the first 200,000 EVs sold by each automaker. 
The polling was done in nine states (MO, PA, IA, KY, GA, SC, NC, CO, and OH), but the results were much the same in each. By 3-to-1 margins, respondents don’t believe the federal tax code should be used to subsidize other people’s vehicle purchases. The margin grows when they are informed that nearly half of the EVs getting the tax credits are sold in California. Support is similarly low when respondents are told that the average income of an EV purchaser is $150,000 per year. 
When asked how much they would be willing to subsidize other people’s purchases of EVs, two-thirds of respondents said zero.