Embezzlement Covered Up By Mortgage Bailout Bill Beneficiary

ACORN is a radical left-wing group with ties to liberal politicians that will receive taxpayer subsidies through the Congressional mortgage bailout legislation nearing passage.  (Bush has expressed distaste for the legislation, which Congressional leaders love, but may not follow through with his earlier threat to veto it).   

ACORN hid massive embezzlement for years in an attempt to prevent public scrutiny of its finances and in order to prevent the embezzler, the brother of its founder, from being prosecuted.  ACORN helped spawn the mortgage crisis by promoting “liar loans.”   ACORN also engages in voter fraud intended to benefit liberal politicians.

The mortgage bailout legislation will also provide pork for left-wing groups that harass bank managers’ children to intimidate them into making loans to people with bad credit and support welfare benefits for illegal aliens.  It will cost taxpayers billions, bail out irresponsible lenders, and encourage borrowers to default