Environmental Myths Harm Our Planet

Locally-grown and produced food isn’t necessarily better for the environment, or more economical for society, than food produced elsewhere.  It often costs more and results in more soil erosion and greenhouse gas emissions.  It’s better for the environment for an Englishman to eat lamb raised in New Zealand than lamb raised in England.

Al Gore helped push through increases in ethanol subsidies, claiming they were good for the environment, but he was wrong.  Ethanol subsidies are now causing environmental devastation and starvation and riots around the world, contributing to political instability and Islamic extremism.

In the Wall Street Journal today, the Chairman of Nestle points out that subsidized ethanol production is threatening the world with severe water shortages by consuming in just a few years great aquifers that took thousands of years to fill with water.

Iain Murray exposes the ethanol scam and other environmental disasters in his bestselling book The Really Inconvenient Truths: Seven Environmental Catastrophes Liberals Don’t Want You to Know About — Because They Helped Cause Them.