Environmentalism: Not Just for Dirty Hippies

Our old friend Tim Carney has a great piece up on the presumed conflict with being a conservative (or libertarian) and being an environmentalist. Or, to put it another way, why you don’t have to be red to be a green:

…we ought to resist falling into the temptation many conservatives and libertarians face, and decide that concern for the environment or waste is a flighty thing for dirty hippies. Younger conservatives, used to being contrarians on campuses dominated by imbalanced lefties, find it cute to advocate paving the rainforests. One prominent center-right activist in town likes to joke in his off-the-record meetings, “Kill trees because trees killed Sonny Bono.” As jokes or barbs to rile up self-righteous debating partners, these might be fine, but we shouldn’t forget that conservation and stewardship of creation really are good things.

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