Ethanol, Oil Drilling, and Russian Invasions

The Washington Post today has an editorial debunking arguments against allowing offshore oil drilling.  Texas Governor Rick Perry criticizes ethanol mandates and subsidies, which drive up food and grocery prices, in the Wall Street Journal.  The Washington Diplomat has a story on the fallout from skyrocketing food prices in Haiti, which has been plagued by “widespread street riots over rising food prices that have largely been blamed on the diversion of U.S. crops for biofuels.”

In the country of Georgia, Russian bombing continued even after Russia purported to have halted its invasion.  Its jets are still bombing two Georgian villages, Ruisi in the Kareli region, and Sakoringo in the Kaspi region.  Earlier, Russian planes bombed an ambulance in the village of Agara in the Khashuri region.  And according to the Washington Post, “explosions continued to rattle the now largely abandoned town of Gori.”

We wrote earlier about how ethanol subsidies harm the environment, cause starvation and food riots across the world and fuel Islamic extremism in places like Afghanistan and Jordan.  We also wrote how blocking oil drilling harms the environment, and how oil drilling is now so safe that it takes place even in bird sanctuaries and nature preserves.