Every Moron Must Attend College

Earlier, I wrote about how politicians want every high school student to go on to college, no matter how little aptitude or need for college a student has. The result is students (many of them college dropouts) who use politically correct buzzwords and parrot academic jargon without knowing what it means.

Melanie Scarborough has a column today in the DC Examiner, noting that K-12 education has so failed at teaching students basic math, writing skills, and civics that a college diploma today is the equivalent of a high school diploma a generation ago. She also notes that Congress is lavishing subsidies on colleges even when they are so rich they could easily provide financial aid to their students without any federal help.

And in The Washington Post, a recent Ivy League graduate laments that her degree has not enabled her to obtain any skilled or professional job. (Currently unemployed, she now aspires to being a cashier at Borders).