Everyday Kerry

Call it a case of Oscar Envy or simply the road more well-traveled, but Saturday’s Boston Globe featured a headline, “Kerry’s new book hails everyday people saving the environment.” The piece opens by noting that Kerry’s “bitter” defeat inspired him to author an environmental tome about how each of us can do such little yet surprising things to save our planet. From the jet-setting super wealthy presumably. Heck, we just might be a couple more bitter Democratic defeats from achieving Eden. Or at least a full row on the bookshelf.Kerry menaces his Dutch Uncle role in the upcoming presidential selection promise, intoning “’I’m going to sit with every one of the candidates and I’m going to urge them with every ounce that I have to make this a central issue,’ Kerry said. ‘I think it is critical’.” Oh, ye cynics out there reckoning some Gore line about making environmental salvation “a central organizing principle” of society!

Now, it’s not that these calls don’t carry weight, all coming from the Four-Mansion-Minimum Club. I’m just saying.