Failure is Not a (Government) Option

President Obama just wants to grow government. He said it himself in a press conference on the debt ceiling negotiations. As I point out in The Daily Caller, this spendthrift attitude is dangerously out of touch with the American people and illuminates how we got into this fiscal disaster to boot.

The trouble for the president is that Americans want less government spending, not more. A June 2011 CNN poll reported that 63 percent of those surveyed thought that government was too involved in our economy. In other words, nearly two-thirds of the American people want government to leave individuals and businesses to make their own decisions

But the costs of government spending are not just about dollars and cents lost through waste and opportunity costs. Government consistently rewards itself with more money and resources every time it fails, turning incentives on their head. To a businessman, failure means liquidation. To a bureaucrat, failure means a bigger budget and an expanded mission.

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