FDA and EPA Meddling Makes Children Dumber

My wife loves fish, especially tuna and sashimi, but when she was pregnant with our daughter, she didn’t eat much fish, since the FDA and EPA claimed it might contain more mercury than our baby could handle.

It turns out that the FDA and EPA’s claims were rubbish, and that pregnant women should eat plenty of fish, according to a Washington Post front page story today.

It turns out that there is very little risk of harm to infants from the trace amounts of mercury in fish. By contrast, fish contains nutrients that are essential to a baby’s brain and eye development, so a pregnant woman not eating fish can do far more harm to a baby than the tiny amounts of mercury in fish ever could.

Thanks, FDA and EPA bureaucrats, for perhaps shaving some IQ points off of my daughter for life. Thanks for depriving my wife of her favorite food during her pregnancy, based on exaggerated fears about chemicals.

And thanks to all the hysterical, ignorant greens who preach the “precautionary principle,” now in vogue in the European Union, and its idiotic REACH regulations, which ban potentially life-saving chemicals based on virtually non-existent risks.