FDA: Another Nail in the Consumer’s Coffin

The FDA wants your money—it needs your money if it is to continue poorly regulating the safety of drugs and killing citizens by stalling the process of creating new drugs. That is why the house passed a bill that allows the FDA to increase the “fees” they extort from drug and medical device manufacturers. It also gives the agency authority to scrutinize drugs even after they’ve been introduced on the market, and to mandate label changed.

They say if the bill doesn’t pass they will have to fire 2,000 employees (or just stop handing out grotesquely large bonuses with tax-payer money). I say GOOD; let this lumbering institution (which is indirectly responsible for the suffering and deaths of millions of people) crumble and fade.

If the bill passes in the Senate and the president signs it (as both are expected) it will cost even more money to research, create, and market potentially life-saving medications. Not to mention that the price of buying drugs will go up as well, but I guess we won’t have to worry about that when we have universal health care.