Federal Government Is Good for U.S. Economy

If you’re a fellow free-market advocate and did not arrive at this page from social media (or missed our #AprilFools joke), don’t panic. CEI and Wayne Crews will never betray our commitment to protecting and promoting economic freedom, individual liberty, and limited government.

So, forgive the click-bait headline. We couldn't resist the opportunity to use April Fools’ Day to promote our annual report on federal regulations, which outlines the real economic costs of the regulatory state.

If you aren’t familiar with Wayne Crews’ Ten Thousand Commandments, we urge you to check out the 2015 executive summary here.

The sheer size and scope of the federal government should concern everyone. It affects all Americans, their families, and the entire economy. The path toward a more free and fair society requires sharing the truth about how our government operates with our friends, family, and acquaintances. If you get the chance, please share our work with them. But you might want to wait until after April 1, so they know we most certainly aren’t joking.