Federal Government Wastes Millions on Vacant, Run-Down Buildings, Including a Pink Monkey House

The Department of Veterans Affairs is spending millions annually on 314 run-down, vacant buildings, including a pink monkey house. “The buildings are home to rats, lead paint, wall-to-wall fungal growth, mold, radon, and spare tires,” notes the Washington Examiner.

“Billions of stimulus dollars have been wasted on programs” highlighted by Citizens Against Government Waste, such as “$554,763 for new windows in a visitor’s center that closed in 2007 in Washington. In several instances, stimulus spending has actually reduced private sector employment; in Normandy Park, Washington, $3.8 million was spent on a ‘streetscaping’ project that drove customers away from local businesses, causing a local restaurant to fire two employees.”

As noted earlier, money from the stimulus package is being wasted on things such as “Saturday night ‘pervert’ revues.”   “Join your fellow pervs for some explicit, twisted fun,” urged one  recipient of stimulus money.

Earlier, Obama fired an inspector general, Gerald Walpin, who uncovered fraud by an Obama supporter in the federal AmeriCorps program, whose budget Obama has massively increased.  AmeriCorps money has been wasted in the past on ideological causes, like paying young people to lobby for rent control.