“Fidel Castro will never die”

Venezuelan state Boss Hugo offers a response to rumors that his pal Fidel is on his way to meet Satan, which should prove the Lider Maximo‘s greatness once and for all. Turns out Fidel can defy biology:

“Those who want him to die will be frustrated, because Fidel Castro will never die,” said Chavez, one of the few who visited the revolutionary leader at his sickbed.

Chavez may have realized just then how insane this sounded, since he then qualified his statement:

Chavez said that Castro “will always live among the people that fight for a better destiny. He will always live in the people of Cuba, of Venezuela, and of America.”

Unfortunately, there’s some truth to that. Fidel Castro will always live on tor two kinds of people — those who want to be him and those who want to play sycophant to his ilk. And with the Castro death watch going on for this long, he is beginning to seem immortal.