First they came for the skeptics…

So the IPCC report that’s going to be released on Friday isn’t gloomy enough, eh?  It will find less projected temperature rise and less predicted sea level rise than it did in 2001. Good news, no?
Not even close.  That simply isn’t good enough for those who want to break the back of the world’s energy system, so they have to attack it.  For years, global warming alarmists built up ‘the consensus of scientists’ as the answer to legitimate concerns of climate skeptics.  Now that they have seemingly successfully shut skeptical voices out of the debate on global warming, they have embarked on a process of delegitimization of that very consensus.  It is too cautious, they argue, too bureaucratic.  They, the alarmists, are the only voices of truth in the debate and anyone else is incompetent, a fraud or a denier.  The ‘consensus’ scientists who went along with the alarmists will now find themselves the targets of abuse, insinuation and ad hominem attacks.

Welcome to the club.