Flooded homes vs. stranded fish

In the New York Times today, there was a photo of a submerged subdivision near Wayne, N.J. as a consequence of torrential rain and winds from the nor’easter that raged through the Northeast earlier this week. Undoubtedly many of the homes were flooded and household furnishings damaged.

Right under the photo was another article titled “Fish may be stranded in flooded areas.” Seems that in Connecticut — also hit by bucketing rain —

. . . environmental officials are concerned that as many as 50,000 of the freshly stocked fish were swept away by the northeaster and might now be swimming in flooded fields and backyards. . . .

People who find the wayward trout are being asked to pick them up and put them into the nearest permanent body of water. State officials say people who find and keep any of the stranded fish could face a $154 fine — even if they catch the fish with their hands rather than bait and tackle — because fishing season has not yet started.

Glad to see they have their priorities right.