Four Takeaways from the COP-21 Paris Climate Treaty


As we near the end of the first week of the COP-21 negotiations in Paris, the focal points of the expected climate treaty have begun to come into focus. Because it could have a massive effect on America and the world, we decided to break down the four key takeaways from the upcoming Paris Climate Treaty:

  1. It means sustainable economic pain for no discernable gain. The cost of implementing these global regulations is staggering, and the economic impact is devastating. In addition, there are no clear data showing that this treaty would have any real impact on global climate change.
  2. It is the first step toward eliminating the global use of carbon fuels, including coal, oil, and natural gas. The lifeblood of American energy and economic growth would be continually strangled, even though no alternative energy has proven able to replace these reliable resources.
  3. Future generations will have less access to affordable energy than their parents did. This treaty will cause future generations to experience diminishing energy supplies and skyrocketing prices, due to further restriction on reliable resources and no clear path to new innovations in energy.
  4. Under the Paris climate treaty, the countries that can LEAST afford to reduce emissions will have to make the BIGGEST emission cuts. Developing nations rising from poverty will be hit the hardest by this treaty. They could be forced to abandon vital economic resources to seek out treaty-compliant alternatives. For those nations’ emerging economies, this forced action could be devastating.

The Paris Climate Treaty could unleash economic strife around the globe, especially in developing countries. Get your FAQs on COP-21 answered here.