Free Kareem Rally in DC This Week

This Friday Bureaucrash and friends will be hosting a demonstration in support of student and blogger Kareem Amer, who has now been in prison in Egypt for a year for peacefully expressing his opinions about religious and political issues in Egyptian society. The crowd here in DC will be joined in solidarity by groups around the world, including scheduled events in Brussels, Rome, Stockholm, New York, Prague, Bucharest, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Athens, Mexico City, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. See the Free Kareem website for more details. The Bureaucrash media advisory is here.

Bureaucrash has previously (co-)hosted rallies in support of Kareem, last February and later in April. Here’s a photo of part of the group standing in front on the Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau on April 27th, 2007 (more photos here). I’d especially like to thank our friends from the American Islamic Congress for joining us on that occasion.

Free kareem Rally DC April 2007