Free the Fishermen: Cause of Action Defends Small Business at Sea

Recently I wrote about an important lawsuit being pursued by our friends at the legal nonprofit Cause of Action. They’re defending New Hampshire fisherman David Goethel, and others like him, from extraordinarily expensive government regulations that are threatening to drive small operators out of the commercial fishing business. Cause of Action has now released a short video documenting Mr. Goethel’s struggle, and it makes the case against the government’s position in a succinct and accessible way.

If you’re concerned about the ability of small businesspeople like Mr. Goethel to make in living in an overregulated environment, please share the video with friends and colleagues using the tag #FreeTheFishermen. You can read more about the case, Goethel v. Pritzker, here.

For ideas on how Congress can reform federal environmental policy, see the environment and public lands chapter of our recent study Free to Prosper: A Pro-Growth Agenda for the 115th Congress.