Global warming policies can cost jobs – says EU steel industry

Though a bit late in figuring things out, the steel industry in the European Union and a steel workers’ union have said that the EU’s proposals to cut CO2 emissions will have a devastating effect on their industry. According to a Reuters article today,

Europe’s steel industry joined forces with a workers’ union on Monday to warn that European Union efforts to curb climate change could put tens of thousands of steel industry jobs at risk.

The EU aims to cut CO2 emissions by at least one fifth by 2020 from 1990 levels, but several energy intensive industries say the cost of curbing emissions will make them uncompetitive against rivals from outside the bloc.

Check out what CEI was saying — way back in 1996 — about the costs of global warming policies. And one of the major costs projected was — jobs. Also check out CEI’s global warming website for up-to-date information.