Global Warming Round-up

Some global warming-related stories you may have missed:

  • British companies involved in the Emissions Trading Scheme enjoy a $1.5 billion profits windfall while energy prices to the consumer increased 72 percent
  • Germany at odds with France over emissions reductions (uh-oh!)
  • Some Texas mayors upset by Houston mayor’s emissions policies infringing on their cities
  • Bank of America sees the dollar signs involved in carbon trading (for an explanation of why this is a cartel, not involving new money, see here)
  • Hugo Chavez thinks his country has more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia
  • Climate scientist Roger Pielke Sr discover what looks like a big mistake in the IPCC summary.  Perhaps that’s why they released the summary before the report?

Finally, turning to another environmental risk, the chances of Earth being hit by a significantly-sized asteroid: is the failure to do anything about because we’re too concerned with tax cuts for the rich or because the UN is a bunch of useless dictators?  Compare and contrast.