Goodbye Antioch!

Antioch College announced yesterday that it would close its main undergraduate campus. Good riddance. Although the college had started a far-flung network of programs for adults and non-traditional students, undergraduate enrollment had dwindled to only about 300. The college, always on the far, far Left, went way overboard in its pursuit of political purity. Most infamously, it introduced a sexual offense prevention policy that, no joke, requires specific permission for “each new level of sexual activity.” (The same policy, taken literally, would also ban sending a sexy e-mail that the recipient didn’t like and has a page about its development with the legend “herstory.”)
Although I understand that the college once offered a pretty good education, it’s been reduced to basically open admissions perhaps because of its rather off-the-wall curriculum. (My favorite course description is “GAIA: Earth, Peace, and Ecology” about half way down) Which, I’m sure, provides a balanced, critical nuanced perspective on global warming.