Google Creating Net Neutrality-Monitoring Tools

According to CNET, Google is creating tools to allow internet users to monitor their ISPs’ network management techniques. Though Google hopes their tools will spur an “arms race” for net neutrality legislation, perhaps it will render such legislation unnecessary. After all, if I can see exactly what portions of my regular internet usage run quickly or slowly on my ISP, I have a great tool for choosing my ISP: I just pick the one that offers the package that works the best for me at the right price. Since I never use BitTorrent, I don’t mind Comcast’s apparent policy of limiting BitTorrent downloading. If that keeps bandwidth-hungry heavy users off the network and so reduces the price for “regular Joe” users like me, I may pick Comcast’s service. But if I’m looking for an unlimited, fat pipe, I may go for a different company – or a different package from the same company. Google’s tools may help me pick the best internet service for me – which may not be the best one for you.