Government Spending Trifecta, California Style

There’s a new report out on the waste, fraud and abuse in government, this time focused just on the Golden State. So why California? I’ll let Monisha Bansal’s CNS News story explain:

“I think California is probably a lot worse than other state governments, mainly because it’s a bigger entity. It’s a bigger bureaucracy, and that tends to lend to more government waste,” [Citizens Against Government Waste vice president for policy David] Williams said.

“We see problems such as pension liabilities. This tidal wave of fiscal disasters that are coming to a lot of the states and California is no different,” he told Cybercast News Service. “We also see a lot of petty stuff.”

The “petty stuff” Williams referred to includes “the Berkeley Housing Authority subsidizing rent for dead tenants, non-functioning automated toilets flushing away millions of taxpayer dollars, benefits given to a dead water district employee, ineligible prison inmates receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in state and federal benefits, Shasta County offering ‘pet care benefits’ to employees; and the Mira Costa College president spending six figures to investigate the theft of a $300 tree.”

“While California may be unique in the number and amount of waste, we see the same thing around the country,” said Williams.

Thanks to our friends at CAGW for keeping pressure on the spendocrats in Sacramento and around California.