Green Limousine Liberals

Today, the new green badge of honor appears to be going to people who build and live in “green homes” that meet standards set by the U.S. Green Building Council.  Under these standards (known as LEED Standards), you apparently can’t be green if you have a large home  … unless you have a very large bank account!  In order to be called green under the so called LEED green building standards, larger homes must meet higher standards than smaller ones—and the costs can be substantial.  Ironically, many of the standards are questionable.

Yet some green liberals are willing to pay for this indulgence.  Consider the new community in Connecticut called Windermere on the Lake.  According to a story in the New York Times, it is applying for the green seal of approval despite its lavish size.  Should the homes of this new luxury community pass muster and gain green certification, they will certainly take the meaning of limousine liberal to a whole new level!  It just goes to show:  free-market advocates are not the only people who want to live well.  The only difference is we don’t see anything wrong with allowing people who succeed to enjoy the rewards of their hard work.  There is no need to atone for success.