Health Nannies and the Bacon of Doom

Our good friend and adjunct Steve Milloy has a column out today at, taking apart the latest American Institute for Cancer Research study allegedly linking cancer directly to consumption of red meat and other delicious foods:

The report advises limiting the intake of hamburgers, French fries, milk shakes, pastries and soft drinks. It says that there is “no safe level of consumption” of processed meats; a hysterical claim that is not even true for the most poisonous substances.

This certainly is a landmark report; never before have so many scientists labored so long to embarrass themselves and their academic disciplines.

Steve then goes on to put that Master’s in Health Sciences from Johns Hopkins to work by pointing out the many flaws in the report’s methodology.

Flawed epidemiology is bad enough, but then I saw something even worse in the Daily Express (UK) – a headline that reads “‘Ban Bacon’ Say Cancer Experts.” Surely they can’t be serious. Banning bacon (especially in the UK) would be like pushing the Shotgun Seizure Act of 2007 through the Wyoming state legislature. Certainly there would be a revolt. The mere suggestion has already caused bloggers with obscure island TLDs to threaten war over their unfettered access to smoked and cured meats.


In defiance, please enjoy this photo, taken by “And Still I Persist” blogger Bruce Henderson, with his caption: “This bacon has been smoked for hours, sitting under a brisket that’s dripping fat. It has got to be the least healthy food you could imagine. It tastes wonderful.” And just like the beer commercials say, Open Market advises you to enjoy this bacon responsibly, in moderation. Thank you.