Hostage Rescue and Free Trade with Colombia

The Washington Post cites Colombia’s dramatic rescue of American hostages to endorse passage of the free trade agreement between Colombia and the U.S.   (The hostages were being held by a left-wing terrorist group.  A liberal Congressman from Massachusetts, who is a leading opponent of the free trade deal, earlier offered that terrorist group help in undermining Colombia’s democratically-elected government).

The free trade agreement would create jobs by eliminating Colombia’s tariffs on U.S. products.  Liberal congressional leaders have refused to even allow a vote on the deal.  They bash Colombia’s pro-American government, while cozying up to Venezuela’s anti-American dictator

Although the U.S. would be the primary beneficiary of the free trade deal, since its products currently face tariffs in Colombia, Colombia would also get some benefits.  While Colombian products are free from many tariffs at the moment, that would only become permanent under the free trade agreement, encouraging investment and job-creation in Colombia’s export sector.  The refusal by Congressional leaders to even allow a vote on the deal will have serious international repercussions, making it more likely that foreign trade blocs will discriminate against American products in the future.