Human Achievement of the Day: Boingy Boingy Suspended Drum Kit

If you thought Justin Bieber was the best Canadian export in recent music history, you must not have heard of the Boingy Boingy bouncing drum kit!

Canadian inventor and drummer Charlie Rose created the Boingy Boingy in an effort to make the old fashioned drum set more “dynamic.”

The set is suspended by car springs and features a steel oil barrel to “ride” on as the player bounces around. Rose has ensured player comfort by mounting the barrel with a horse saddle, creating an overall effect like that of a mechanical bull — a mechanical bull with rhythm.

The current model, the third after a couple of failed prototypes, was developed in collaboration with a group of custom motorcycle builders in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The group worked for ten months, after which the Boingy Boingy was born. Rose cites the development cost at “$4,000 in beer and pizza and an El Camino.”

Rose has taken the drum kit across western Canada and the United States, even playing into the south rim of the Grand Canyon, which proved to be a crowd-pleaser. He also took the Boingy Boingy to the TV show Dragon’s Den, wherein entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to millionaires looking to fund new businesses. Though ultimately it was not funded, the judges couldn’t resist trying it out for themselves.

Of his project, Rose says, “There is therapy in moving, bouncing, drumming and singing.” Plus, it gives you a great core workout!

Check out Boingy Boingy’s Facebook page and watch a video of the Boingy Boingy in action below: