Human Achievement of the Day: Headache-free Liquor

March 27th at 8:30pm local time is Human Achievement Hour once again! In the lead-up to this year’s celebration of the event, we’ve decided each day to highlight one innovation or invention in science, technology, and business achieved in the last year that contributes to the ever increasing awesomeness of life on earth for human beings.

To start things off right our first Human Achievement of the Day centers on one of the most important human innovations of all time: booze! 

Beer is certainly one of my personal favorites when it comes to human invention. I am, however, not particularly fond of the experience the day after I’ve imbibed too much of this particular achievement. Luckily, according to this report at fox news, scientists have come up with a method of producing booze that reduces the likelihood of hangovers!

A team of researchers added extra oxygen to drinks and found that the body was then able to metabolize the booze quicker and eliminate the alcohol quicker – cutting down the after affects.

“Elevated dissolved oxygen concentrations in alcoholic drinks accelerate the metabolism and elimination of alcohol,” according to researchers In-hwan Baek, Byung-yo Lee and Kwang-il Kwon of Chungnam National University’s College of Pharmacy.

The only downside the researchers found was that the process also reduced the amount of time drinkers were actually drunk for.”

Now, if they can just come up with a beer-gut-free booze we’ll really be in business.

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