Human Achievement of the Day: LED Lamp that Lasts 37 Years

Continuing the celebration of human achievements this week, we highlight a beautifully designed, and brilliantly engineered, LED lamp which lasts 37 years.

Not possible, you say? Well, Jake Dyson begs to differ. The UK-based designer has been building innovative light concepts for years, but has now focused his efforts on inventing an efficient and sleek LED lamp, called CSYS, which uses microprocessor cooling technology to stay lit 12 hours a day, for 160,000 hours straight. Or in other words, for 37 years.

With a form reminiscent of a building crane, the sleek lamp contains a copper pipe which conducts heat away from the light source, allowing the notoriously hot and brief life of the LED bulb to last longer — much longer. This technology is most commonly seen in satellites and processor chips, making Dyson’s use of the technology even more unique.

Aside from looking futuristic and fancy, this desk lamp is highly user-friendly, emitting warm, white light which can be focused or spread out according the user’s preference. And while government-endorsed LED lights often contain mercury, in addition to having short life spans and tricky disposal requirements, the CSYS contains no mercury and never needs to be replaced.

See more pictures of the CSYS LED lamp here.