I, Pencil – Simply Perfect

“This is the modern world. It’s miraculous, it’s intricate, and it gets better every day so long as people are free to interact with each other. If we can leave the creative energy of humankind uninhibited, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish.”

Today, the Competitive Enterprise Institute launches the first in a series of videos inspired by Leonard Read’s classic work I, Pencil. In it we attempt to illustrate the classical liberal concepts of connectivity and spontaneous order, and how they come about, in the absence of a controlling mastermind, to deliver the wonders of the modern world. We have also released two follow-up videos with academics that explore these concepts further. St Lawrence University professor Steve Horwitz commented, “I do not have words for how beautiful and inspiring and perfect this is.”

Here are the videos:



Also of note at the movie’s dedicated website are the curriculum/lesson plan by Art Carden of Samford University and the comprehensive list of educational resources.