I still can’t get these “freegans” off my mind.

Richard dissected them below.

Simple living is one thing, but Free-lunch foragers seem irretrievably ridiculous and hypocritical. The dripping contempt for capitalism, while relying on it’s fruits and surplus, is laughable. No mention of what these utopians do if not supported by a parent who don’t subscribe to their lifestyle; or if the money, health and nomadic cababilties lapse in old age. Might they rely on… charity paid for by others who assumed the task of producing that they spurn?

It’s amusing that they do their self-important dumpster-diving behind Whole Foods and Trader Joes, not the Piggly Wiggly or the IGA; Though they will not, I’m happy to thank capitalism for providing in so upscale a fashion. The “Freegan Commandments” as best as I can tell? “Thou shalt trespass,” and “Thou shalt condemn others’ lifestyles while mooching off them.”

If you’re a young person, don’t be like this. If you’re a parent, don’t permit it. If you’re a mature adult for whom this behavior is going to foist the cost of your retirement and physical decline on others, I’m just ashamed. The welfare case you are destined to become can be supported only by the capitalism you despise; the same social system that extends lives in retirement age and makes charity possible.