If only you could take it all with you

It seems few would deserve it more than author Michael Crichton, author of numerous books on sweeping techno-thriller themes that were irresistable candy to a policy and sci-fi fan like me.

Breaking stories are plastering the news about his unexpected passing today. And speaking of candy, he pumped out those books like chocolate bunnies–25 titles by my count. I’ll never forget when he was interviewed on Charlie Rose back during the “Jurassic Park” days about his prodigious output and his work habits. He said he’d research a topic at lengh, but then lock himself in his apartment and bang out a title in a month, as if in a seizure.

Separately, at the Commonwealth Club he gave a riveting talk on Environmentalism as Religion that’s well worth re-reading. If it’s your first time, you’re in for a treat. There’s also a video of him answering a student’s question on that topic.

In 2005, Mr. Crichton singled out our beloved CEI for particular notoriety. We were proud to revel in our brief penetration of pop culture when the environmental villain in State of Fear called us “Neanderthals” (see page 299).