IHT profiles Václav Klaus

The International Herald Tribune takes a look at the in-coming president of the European Union, Václav Klaus, the president of the Czech Republic. He’s depicted in the story as fiery and arrogant. Formerly finance minister and prime minister of the country, President Klaus’s role as president is largely ceremonial, which could weaken his role as the EU head, but critics and admirers alike point to Klaus’ strong will and ability to convince others of his positions as likely to have an impact.

CEI knows him as a strong defender of free markets, an able politician who helped in the peaceful formation of the two countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and one who is skeptical of massive energy cutbacks in the name of global warming. President Klaus was the speaker at CEI’s annual dinner this past spring, and CEI published his book, Blue Planet in Green Shackles. Read his speech “Is Schumpeter’s vision of capitalism’s end still relevant?” — especially relevant in this climate where capitalism is under fierce attack.

Hat tip: Megan McLaughlin