Immigration Policies Keep Out Scientists and Heroes, While Welcoming Convicts

It’s hard for educated people with valuable skills, like doctors and scientists, to immigrate because Congress won’t lift the unrealistically low cap on H-1B visas, notes the Washington Post.  “H-1B visas are reserved for the world’s best and brightest, and barring their entry is economic self-sabotage. The cap keeps out doctors, engineers and other specialists — people who save lives and often create jobs for others in America.” The result is that high-tech operations set up shop abroad rather than in America, costing our country jobs and economic growth.

Meanwhile, a drug-dealing hooker and convict who would have been deported is being given permanent residency (a green card) just for telling prosecutors what she knew about Eliot Spitzer after his role in a prostitution scandal broke. 

While the drug-dealing hooker is getting a special break from the requirements of immigration laws requiring deportation of alien felons, an immigrant who risked his life to help American troops in Iraq now risks being deported because he opposed Saddam Hussein!  Our immigration bureaucrats say that his membership in an armed Kurdish group that fought Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein after Saddam Hussein engaged in genocidal chemical weapons attacks against Iraq’s Kurdish population makes him a “terrorist“!  Rules are rules, they say, and there’s no exception for Saman Ahmad, who risks torture and death if he is deported back to Iraq because he served as a translator for American troops.  Under our immigration bureaucrats’ twisted definition of a “terrorist,” the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto who heroically fought Adolf Hitler’s Nazis would have been considered “terrorists.”

This is the same immigration bureaucracy that approved the student visa applications of the 9-11 hijackers six months after they committed mass murder by flying planes into the World Trade Center and killing 3,000 people.

While Congress refuses to increase the number of H-1B visas beyond their modest cap of 65,000 annually, many in Congress want to amnesty most of the 12 million illegal aliens in this country, and many left-wing politicians and activists want to give them welfare and affirmative action to boot.  In the eyes of the politicians, it’s better to be an illegal alien than a legal immigrant with valuable skills.