“Institutionalized Racism,” Glenn Singleton, and the Seattle Schools

Earlier, I wrote about the Seattle Schools’ bizarre and racist definitions of racism, which branded all whites (and only whites) as racists, claimed that “individualism” is a form of “racism,” and claimed that planning ahead (future time orientation) was a white characteristic that minorities shouldn’t be expected to exhibit. I also discussed Glenn Singleton, the Seattle Schools’ overpaid “diversity trainer,” who promoted the strange philosophy underlying these definitions, and how it ended up greatly embarrassing the Seattle Schools.

It turns out, however, that I wasn’t the first to publicize these bizarre definitions. In fact, it was journalist and author Andrew Sullivan, in his widely-read Daily Dish blog. It was he who first pointed out that Seattle’s definitions are a form of left-wing fundamentalist theology, built around authoritarian notions of “institutionalized racism.”

Although these bizarre definitions earned the Seattle Schools ridicule in a landmark Supreme Court decision, left-wing school officials have learned nothing. They continue to hire the race-baiting diversity trainer Glenn Singleton and his Pacific Educational Group for “six figure consulting contracts”, rewarding him for his legacy of racism, scapegoating, and stereotyping, in school systems ranging from California to Arlington, Virginia, and Greenwich, Connecticut.