Is Beer Next?

In my prior post on bottled water bans on campus I asked: If greens can get water banned, what next? Students over 21 might be upset to learn that some people are even going after beer! One news story says beer containers are also suspect! It suggests that trace levels of the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) can leach out of the container and make you sick (beyond the possible hangover for over indulging!).

In reality, the risks associated with trace levels of BPA from food containers are slim to none, according to the Food and Drug Administration and several scientific panels. In fact, trace levels BPA found in containers pose a much lower risk of “endocrine disruption” than does a tablespoon of soy milk—i.e., not much at all. In any case, single serving plastic water bottles are made from plastics that do not contain BPA, so claims suggesting exposure through those products are really off the mark.