Is the Obama Administration Anti-Business?

If President Obama has found it hard in responding to critics who accuse him of being “anti-business,” he really only has his own administration’s policies to blame. Today in a Wall Street Journal op ed, former American Express Chairman and CEO Harvey Golub sums it up succinctly.

[T]his administration has been overtly hostile to business across the economy except for progressive favorites like electric cars or wind and solar power. It has tightened regulatory screws on the coal industry and all other fossil-fuel providers, enacted health-care “reform” based on false estimates of its likely costs and effects, unleashed a hostile National Labor Relations Board on businesses, and passed financial regulations in the form of Dodd-Frank along with hundreds of other regulatory actions that put increased burdens on the private sector.

And that’s just the beginning.

For more detail on the large and growing regulatory burdens on American businesses, see the newly released 2012 edition of CEI’s annual survey of the federal regulatory state, Ten Thousand Commandments by Wayne Crews.