Ivy League Shame

All you Columbia rejects out there dig out your “we regret to inform you” letters and plaque them up on the wall. Take it as a complement if you weren’t a good fit with a university that doesn’t know right from wrong, good from bad, leader from sewer rat.

The Ivy League institution invited Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak at a forum this week, and when questioned about the appropriateness, University President Lee Bollinger defended the speech as part of the University’s “long-standing tradition of serving as a major forum for robust debate.”

But discussion with Ahmadinejad could hardly be called a debate—there is no debate or argument you can make with a man who has no regard for human rights or human life. To invite a murderer to speak at a World Leaders Forum is a mockery of justice. People like Ahmadinejad do not deserve a platform to express their minds when they have used force and violence as their main tools in “debate”.

Perspective students, alumni, and donors: let Columbia know that you are ashamed to associate with a University that cannot tell the difference between a murderer and a world leader.