John McCain Wants to Be One of the Cool Kids

Sen. Inhofe continues telling it like it is on the subject of climate change, this time in Nairobi at the (take a deep breath) UNFCCC COP-12/MOP-2. The Reuters story contrasts Inhofe with John McCain, who, according to environment correspondent Deborah Zabarenko, is worried that our current policy “makes the United States unpopular with Europeans.”

I’d hate to think what else is on his agenda if making us popular with the Europeans is his goal. Why not strangle the economy and start rationing energy? If we don’t, Luxembourg’s environment minister might be rude to John McCain at a UN cocktail reception in Africa! Those Europeans can be so cruel.

For on the ground reporting on what’s going on in Nairobi, hit up Amy Ridenour over at NCPPR.