Journalist Joins Obama Cult of Personality

Journalist Chris Matthews has decided to join theCult of Personality” around President-elect Obama.   Journalists used to think their job included being watchdogs of the government and holding government accountable.  But “Chris Matthews announced today that it’s his job as a commentator to make sure president-elect Barack Obama succeeds as president.” 

Matthews earlier remarked that he “gets a thrill going up his leg” when he hears Obama speak.

On the bright side, the growing cult around Obama means that any Obama memorabilia you have now fetches a premium price.  Even newspapers announcing his “historic” win now go for $40

A teenage fan of the Beatles once reached into their car, pulled used chewing gum out of an ashtray, and put it into her mouth with a look of ecstasy.  The Obama-Mania is starting to remind me of that.

At least Chris Matthews didn’t offer to do what long-time journalist Nina Burleigh offered to do for Bill Clinton (that is, following in Monica Lewinsky’s footsteps), to thank him for pursuing liberal policies.

After January 21, I expect that we will no longer hear from journalists that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” (a made-up quote that ignorant journalists falsely attribute to Jefferson).