Judge Who Lost Pants and Sued for $54 Million Now Loses Job

As I earlier anticipated, the Washington, D.C., administrative law judge who sued for $54 million after losing his pants has now lost his job. I publicly urged the city government to fire him for bringing his ridiculous suit in the Washington Times.

Roy Pearson sued his dry cleaners for allegedly losing his pants and not taking down signs that say “satisfaction guaranteed.” He lost his lawsuit at trial, but D.C.’s “consumer” laws provide such big damages if a plaintiff wins a lawsuit that the drycleaners at one point offered him $12,000 just to settle his case.

Pearson cried on the witness stand, and ridiculously claimed at trial that “there is no case . . . in the United States that comes anywhere close to the outrageousness of the behavior of the defendants in this case.”

I earlier explained why the First Amendment did not protect Pearson from the consequences of bringing his lawsuit here and here.