Just in Time for Halloween: Climate Scares Debunked

Jack O Lantern GettyImages-1034198064

 Every fall, the leaves turn colors (in most parts of the country), those leaves (and temperatures) drop, and late October brings a celebration of the scary, the macabre, and the delicious.

Kids and the kids-at-heart dress up in costume for Halloween with the goal of scaring a friend or two, scoring a bag of candy, and having an all-around good time.

Sharing scary stories is also a time-honored Halloween tradition and this time of the year always reminds us of the folks try to strike fear in the hearts of people around the world every day: climate alarmists.

Last month, Myron Ebell and Steve Milloy put together a list of doomsday predictions that never came to pass, made by notable people in government and science.

Now, our friends at the Heartland Institute have put together a fun Halloween-themed video series looking at some of the most prominent failed doomsday predictions of the last 50 years. Climate Scares Debunked is a 10-video series looking at such whoppers as “Al Gore Says the Polar Ice Cap will Disappear by 2013,” “Children Won’t Know What Snow Is,” or the very timely “Syrians are Fleeing Due to Climate Change.”

You can view the whole Climate Scares Debunked series here.

Happy Halloween and may cooler heads prevail!