“Killer Cans And Toxic Baby Bottles,” my piece in Investor’s Business Daily

Should we worry about a common chemical almost all of us carry in our bodies that activists claim causes a list of diseases longer than you’ll find in a major medical center?

Having for decades labeled the plastic ingredient bisphenol A (BPA) safe, the Food and Drug Administration has just announced it’s not so sure anymore.

Some U.S. jurisdictions have already restricted BPA use, and entire states like New York are considering bans.

Yet aside from Canada, which is banning BPA baby bottles, nobody else in the world seems worried. What’s our problem?

Partly it reflects media adoration for a single homegrown scientist. And strangely enough, it’s also a consequence of President Obama’s economic stimulus package.

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And for an excellent longer treatment, my colleague Angela Logomasini has just completed an excellent report on “The Nanny State Attack on BPA: Oregon and Beyond.